ACCESS INDUSTRIAL PARK Gmünd - České Velenice, the cross-border business location with twice the value

Incubator Industrial Park

ACCESS INDUSTRIAL PARK Gmünd - České Velenice, a cross-border industrial site with duplicate advantage:

What to do, if you are as an entrepreneur searching for a location within the European Union unifying

  • low labour costs
  • modern infrastructure
  • wide range of consulting and advisory services as well as
  • legal security, political and social stability?

Choose simply our site in two different EU countries located directly on the border where you can find all these pre-requisites. ACCESS INDUSTRIAL PARK offers exactly this possibility of a cross-border site having both, property and organisation on the borderline between Austria and the Czech Republic in Gmünd - České Velenice.

The concept of this industrial site combine for the first time ever specific advantages of economically different regions in a single location.

ACCESS INDUSTRIAL PARK Gmünd - České Velenice offers beyond

  • Access to two labour, sales and procurement markets,
  • Possibilities of cross-border production flows based on simplified handling
  • Potential of qualified, loyal and cost-effective workforce
  • Central location in the Vienna - PragueMunich triangle

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